The Consumer Electronics Show takes place annually at the beginning of January in Las Vegas and with it comes announcements of thousands of new and exciting gadgets and products.

This year's show was no different with some fabulous launches taking place across the week ranging from beautiful TVs to wearables you might actually consider wearing.

We rounded up the best smarthome devices, best TVs, best laptops, best headphones and speakers, best cameras, best cars and the best drones in separate features so be sure to check those out individually along side this one.

You can also find all our CES 2016 coverage in our CES2016 hub so have a look there if you want to see what else was announced at the show that we thought was worthy of our attention.

This feature however, narrows all the fantastic gadgets and products we saw down to the 10 we consider to be the most interesting. Yep, that's right, just 10 from the huge array we got our eyes and hands on. It was a tricky task but we succeeded so if you want to know what gadgets you should be looking forward to for 2016, or which ones you should keep an eye out for in the future, get clicking through the gallery.

Click here to head to the gallery for our top 10 of CES 2016