Parrot has launched a new drone at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, however rather than the usual "quad-copter" approach, this one has wings. 

Designed to work more like a glider, or the unmanned stealth drone you normally see in the movies, the Parrot Disco is capable of flying up to 50mph and is launched by throwing it in the air.

Once airborne the 700g drone uses a series of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS to help make flying as easy as possible.

"You just throw the flying wing, and it gains altitude autonomously until you take control," explained a spokesperson for the company at the reveal in Las Vegas.

The autopilot continues to work to ensure you can't make any sudden moves that would down the craft suggesting that it could be as easy as flying as flying a plane in a video game.

The Parrot Disco is controlled via a Wi-Fi controller included in the box, or for those wanting extra control and viewability via the company's optional Sky Controller accessory. The latter of course gives you access to the drone's on-board camera allowing you see its eye in the sky view.  

Battery life is 45 minutes claims Parrot before you need to recharge. The Parrot Disco will be coming out later this year.