Alongside televisions, cameras and thousands of other gadgety wonderments, smarthome devices have very much become a significant part of the CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

There are plenty of home sensors and connected appliances on show at the event. And even some of the mainstay items now sport Internet of Things features - televisions especially, with support to control other devices around the house through the screen.

Pocket-lint was at CES 2016 and rooted out all the best smarthome products on show. This year was huge for the category, so you can find out which devices made waves right here.

Pocket-lintLG Signature fridge-1

The LG Signature Refrigerator was one of two exciting fridges announced at CES 2016. It features four doors, which is nothing new, but there is a panel on the right-hand door that allows you to see inside your fridge without opening it up.

The LG model has darkened glass that requires you to tap on it, using the "knock-on" feature to turn the light on inside. There aren't the same smart capabilities as the Samsung model, but it's still pretty cool for a fridge. Pun absolutely intended.

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Pocket-lintSamsung Family Hub Refrigerator-9

It might have an odd name, but the connected, smart fridge Samsung announced could well be one of the most desirable kitchen appliances we've seen in years.

The Family Hub Refrigerator has a 21.5-inch Full HD monitor and stereo speakers, and is so-called because it will give access to other smarthome devices that work on the same standards as the company's SmartThings platform.

You will even be able to bring up recipes on the monitor and there is an interior camera so you don't even have to open the door to see what's inside. Samsung is yet to announce a price or release date for the fridge.

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O2 at&t tado┬░

Smart heating system Tado has announced a partnership with AT&T in the US and Telefonica's O2 in the UK to allow it to make its connected system even smarter.

Along with turning on your heating automatically when you are heading home, which it figures out based on your phone's location, it will also do things like turn on the lights, disable the alarm or call the elevator. Everything will happen seamlessly in the background according to Tado and it will be available sometime in the summer of 2016.

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Smarter, the British tech firm behind the iKettle, has announced three new connected kitchen products during CES.

The Smarter Fridge Cam essentially apes one of the features mentioned in the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator piece above. You place it inside your own fridge, using its suction cup, and you can then see what's inside streamed to a smartphone or tablet. That way you can plan your shopping more conveniently.

Smarter Mats can also be placed in the fridge, but also cupboards. You place containers on them, such as milk or a sugar tin, and the mats send details on stock levels to your smart device. That way you know when you're running low.

Finally, Smarter Detect is a wireless device that you mount on the wall in the kitchen and it will notify your smartphone or tablet when certain environmental effects occur. It can tell you when the oven is ready, or the fridge door has been left open, for example.

All Smarter devices are compatible with both iOS and Android and the new trio will be available from the summer. Prices are yet to be revealed.


Netatmo is a company known for interesting connected gadgets and its latest is an outdoor security camera with intelligent detection abilities so you can be notified when a person, animal or even a car has entered its field of vision.

It uses the company's proprietary Smart-Sight technology to differentiate between people, pets and vehicles. You can then ensure that you know when someone or something is on your property or when a spouse has returned home from work in the car.

It also has infra-red night vision and a smart floodlight function to scare off intruders. It can record Full HD video onto an internal microSD card and transmit recordings to an FTP server.

The Netatmo Presence will be available from the third quarter of 2016. Price is yet to be revealed.

Pocket-lintLG Hom-bot Turbo+-1

Not just any robot vacuum, the Hom-Bot Turbo+ has augmented reality features whereby a mounted camera sends live video of the cleaner's view to a smartphone or tablet and the user can therefore tap on areas on the floor in real time for it to concentrate on.

It can also double as a security camera, with an option to send pictures to a smart device whenever it detects movement.

Availability and price are yet to be revealed.


Honeywell's Wi-Fi water leak detector doesn't exactly look the most exciting box in our list, but what it is capable of doing is. The battery powered box comes with a special rope that trails out the bottom of the box that can be extended up to 200m around the perimeter of a room, into a cupboard, or behind a washing machine or bath. 

When that rope detects water it tells the box, which in turn sends you a notification to your phone so you can do something about it. The sensor is capable of measuring temperature, humidity and water leak measurement suggesting plenty of potential for other heating or cooling features later.

Simple, but without the need for a hub, or any other element, this solves a problem effectively. It costs $79.95, and is currently only available in the US.