Wearables have come into their own over the last year with 2015 seeing some great products announced from Tag Heuer and Apple's smartwatches to Fitbit and Jawbone's activity trackers. If you thought this area of tech was just a fad, you better think again because if CES 2016 is anything to go by, it's only going to get more exciting.

As always, the consumer electronics show in Vegas marks the announcement of thousands of products from huge TVs to smaller, whacky gadgets. This feature focuses on the best smartwatches and wearables that have been launched at the show. Keep checking back as we will be adding more as they appear and you'll also find links to our first impressions as we get our hands on them.

Read on to see the best wearables and smartwatches that have appeared at CES 2016 and which ones you should put on your wish list.


Casio announced its first smartwatch at CES 2016 in the form of the WSD-F10. It runs on Android Wear but it is a little more rugged than its competition with water-resistance up to 50 metres and MSL-STD-810 military compliance. 

There is a 1.32-inch screen on board offering a resolution of 320 x 300 and a choice between monochrome and full-colour mode. The WSD-F10 comes complete with a pressure sensor, compass and accelerometer, with users able to check altitude, air pressure, tide graphs and activity, among other things. The Casio WSD-F10 comes in black, orange, red and army green colour options, will cost around $500 and will be available un the US in April.

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They may not have the catchiest of names, but there will be a few ladies out there who will be pleased to hear that Huawei has announced its "Huawei Watch for Lady". The two models - Jewel and Elegant - both offer genuine Italian leather watch straps in pearl white and sapphire blue colour options and there are Swarovski crystals on board too.

The Jewel is a little more bling than the Elegant, with crystals dotted around the face, while the Elegant opts for a knurled pattern instead. Both have rose gold-plated cases and they both come pre-loaded with the same 40 watch faces as the original Huawei Watch, as well as 10 exclusive feminine designed faces.

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Martian Watches announced the Kindred vip watch at CES 2016, featuring a 38mm face set in a stainless steel case that comes in a range of colours. There are two collections - CL and SP - with the former designed for smart occasions and the latter for the more athletic-minded apparently.

Both collections have a LED light for notifications and a vibration motor. Through the Martian Smart mVip app, you can set seven lights and various vibration patterns to help you differentiate between notifications. Two batteries are on board, one for the analogue movement and one for the smarts. The Martian Kindred vip launches in August 2016 with a starting price of $195.

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Fitbit announced a new, more fashionable smart fitness watch called Blaze. The new activity tracker features a colour touchscreen along with a five-day battery life and smart notifications.

Blaze features PurePulse Heart Rate tracking like the Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR and it is compatible with iOS and Android devices, with data synced wirelessly to the Fitbit app. The Blaze will recognise select activities automatically, is water resistant and there are numerous bands available in various colours and materials. The Fitbit Blaze starts at £159.99 with the classic elastomer band. Pre-orders are open now on Fitbit.

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Pocket-lintSamsung Gear S2 Classic-17

Samsung used CES 2016 to announce two new models of its Gear S2 Classic smartwatch. The two devices are identical in technology to the original but not in terms of build materials.

One is plated in 18-carat rose gold, while the other is plated in 100 per cent platinum, both built from stainless steel underneath. They will come with dedicated new watch faces, with four additional choices in total and they will also feature NFC for Samsung Pay. Pricing has yet to be announced but apparently it will be less than the most expensive Apple Watch Edition, so under £13,500 then.

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Fossil announced an addition to its Q range of smartwatches at CES 2016 in the form of the Q54 Pilot. The new device joins the Q Founder and the Q Grant and it has been designed on the original Pilot 54, bringing the case, movement and stainless steel build with it but adding smart technology.

The Q54 Pilot combines Intel Innovation and motion sensors, offering step tracking, calories-burned monitoring and filtered LED colour-coded and vibrations for notifications. The Fossil Q54 Pilot will be available for between $175 and $215 in the spring.

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Under Armour and HTC have teamed up at this year's CES to create the UA HealthBox. This is a collection of three devices, all of which offer the aim of allowing you to monitor and track your activity, sleep, fitness and nutrition.

The three devices comprise a wearable band, a heart rate chest strap and a connected scale and they will all be powered by a new app from Under Armour called UA Record. The UA HealthBox will go on sale in the US on 22 January for $400 and by the summer in the UK.

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The Misfit Ray is an aluminium modular activity tracker that can be worn on different areas of the body thanks to its ability to attach to jewellery. It will track movement and sleep and it features a six-month battery life, along with a water resistance up to 50 metres.

There is a vibration motor on board, as well as a multicoloured LED light, allowing the Ray to offer inactivity alerts, text or call notifications and a vibrating alarm. It will be available to pre-order for $100 in Rose Gold and Carbon Black.

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Misfit's second wearable announcement of CES 2016 was the Specter activity tracking wireless earphones that will track both steps and sleep, although we aren't sure we could wear them to bed.

The Specter earphones offer dual drivers for a "clean, rich, sound quality" and they also come with the Misfit Link software that allows you to use the headset as a one-touch button for controlling other things, such as your smartphone's camera or music. Pricing and availability has yet to be detailed.

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GarminGarmin Varia Vision.54

Garmin announced its first heads-up display for cyclists at CES 2016. The Varia Vision is a display unit that will attach to glasses and allow the user to see its screen while still focusing on the road ahead.

It will display cycle data, turn-by-turn navigation and smartphone notifications with everything controlled via the touch-sensitive panel on the side that will even work with gloved hands. The Varia Vision offers up to 8-hours battery life, light sensors and it will connect to a Garmin Edge device. It will begin shipping in Q1 for £320.

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This is a rather unique example of a smartwatch as it uses two screen and two battery power sources. Primarily it's a watch, using a 12-month cell battery to power the clock, alarms, stopwatch and all the stuff you'd expect from a normal watch.

It has a second OLED display however, used for smart notifications from a connected iPhone or Android smartphone. This displays notifications for calls, texts, emails and app alerts, as well as step and sleep tracking. The Razer Nabu Watch will be available in late January for $150 or €180. The Razer Nabu Watch Forged Edition, which is made from more premium materials, is available now for $200 or €240.

The Withings Go is a cheap activity, sport and sleep tracker that will get you moving for £50. It features an E Ink display which allows it to offer up to eight months of battery life and it is both Android and iOS compatible.

The Go will track steps, distance covered, sleep and sports including running and swimming, offering water resistance up to 5 ATM. The company claims the Go will be able to differentiate between activities and it will come in black, blue, green, red and yellow colour options.

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HTC isn't the only company to partner with Under Armour this CES, with JBL hopping on the bandwagon too resulting in the UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate. The headphones are wireless, as you may have guessed from the name and they will track your heart rate and transfer the data to UA Record.

They are IPX5 rated and will report your heart rate to you at the touch of a button. There is also a model available without heart rate tracking, called UA Headphone Wireless, if you just want the JBL Signature Sound. The heart rate option will cost £229.99 and will be available later in the year, the non-heart rate option will cost £149.99 and be available by the end of February.

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The OM Signal OMbra is the result of one year of work and 1633 prototypes. It features stretchable fabric, mesh, adjustable straps and closure, along with built-in cups and removable padding. Perhaps more exciting however is the tech within it - OMrun.

OMrun is a running platform designed to help runners of various levels manage their performance. Along with the basics including distance, cadence, pace, heart rate and calories, OMrun will also give you other insights like how much oxygen you need, your breathing rhythm and a gauge of your fatigue. There is also something called Biometric effort on board, as well as Biometric Coach.

Mio Global has used CES 2016 to announced a new activity tracker called Slice, along with something it is calling the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score. This PAI score takes into account age, gender, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate to reflect a user's own exertion levels in a bid to move away from the 10,000 step goal attitude.

Slice will track steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, as well as deliver smartphone notifications. It will be the only Mio tracker to display your PAI score on the device itself. Those familiar with the company's other devices such as the Fuse or Alpha 2 will be able to see their PAI score on the updated mobile app.