iPhone storage space limitations is becoming a real issue.

That's especially true as apps, music and other data eats up increasingly more space over time. A cloud-free solution has finally been found in iSafe Drive Lite, which offers an extra 32GB of storage space - plugging straight into your iOS device. Pocket-lint Deals is now offering it for a limited time for £46.54 ($69).

Think of the iSafe as a flash drive for your phone.

It has official approval in the form of MFi certification, and this compact accessory shares Apple’s sleek design aesthetic. At one end is a Lightning connector; at the other is a USB port for connecting to your Mac or PC. You can transfer data to and from the stick at 8MB per second, flicking the physical switch to choose which port should be active.

It means you can carry an entire music library in your pocket, and you can use 256-bit AES encryption to keep private documents secure. The shell is made from recyclable aluminum. It measures 0.35 inches at the thickest point.

Grab the iSafe Drive Lite now to save 24 per cent, with free shipping from Pocket-lint Deals!