Another week and another delicious collection of movies and TV shows awaits you on streaming services.

Thanks to the rapidly expanding line-up of video content to stream through services, apps and channels, you need never be bored again. And Pocket-lint has curated five highlights you might want to check out through a media streamer, such as the set-top-boxes and streaming stick from Roku.

We have a whole series to binge on, a drama to settle down to, an old-school action flick to savour and two silly but fun comedies, for when you just need a giggle.

So check out the following across multiple streaming services this weekend. There's something for everyone.

AmazonMozart in the Jungle

Season two of this Amazon original series is now available for those with a Prime subscription to watch at their leisure.

The comedic drama set in New York has been nominated for two Golden Globes, so you can be guaranteed that the 10 episodes now ready to be streamed will entertain all the way. Season one is also available on Amazon's video service too.

EuropaCorpTransporter Refuelled

Ed Skrein replaces Jason Statham in this reboot of the successful action film series and while he doesn't quite have the cockney charm, he does at least have the moves.

As does the Audi A8, which arguably stars in the film more than Skrein. So if you're a fan of German vehicles, you'll probably get as much joy from the movie as those who prefer rough and tumble over dialogue.

Paramount PicturesHot Tub Time Machine 2

Yes, both Hot Tub Time Machine movies should come with warnings that you might leave a little more stupid after seeing them than when you started, but you certainly can't fault them for throwing jokes at you in such quick succession.

The original cast return for this sequel that once again reinforces the lesson taught by Back to the Future, Doctor Who and anything else featuring time travel; muck with the past and your future is at risk. Only this time with as many bottom gags as you can handle.

BBCSherlock The Abominable Bride

If you missed it last week on television, the special episode of Sherlock is still available on BBC iPlayer to catch up on and we thoroughly recommend it.

Taking the new generation Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cimberbatch) and Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) back to the Victorian period of the novels, the film-length special is a superb taster for season four, which will return to the modern day setting and is in the writing process currently.

Warner BrosGet Hard

The second stooooopid comedy this week is Will Ferrell vehicle Get Hard. It's borderline offensive, as Ferrell attempts to learn "street" from Kevin Hart, but there are plenty of genuinely funny jokes too.

It'll hardly make a dent on the Oscar nominations, but is worth a giggle or two if you have a Sky Movies Pass for NOW TV.

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