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We’ve been fans of the EasilyDo "personal assistant" app for quite some time, enjoying its ability to save precious time by automating simple, small tasks in your life. Its capabilities span all areas of life, from saving a new contact's information right into your Contacts app, to letting you schedule "happy birthday" posts to appear on your friends' Facebook timeline on the appropriate day.

For a limited time, an EasilyDo Lifetime Subscription is just £13.43 ($19.99) on Pocket-lint Deals.

So many personal assistant apps have pivoted their focus to a particular vertical – like calendars or travel – because it’s a really difficult space to get right, but you shouldn’t need a dozen apps to manage your life. Started by Mikael Berner, EasilyDo is any app that helps you get things done.

Users can be notified about birthdays, event invites, and important social updates from their connections. Over the past two years, it has evolved to manage additional task types such as private messaging, OpenTable and Evernote integration, along with meeting requests and flight tracking.

If you’ve used other assistants, you’ll find that EasilyDo simplifies a lot of stuff and is action-oriented where it takes care of the action all by itself without you having to key in a few things occasionally. In most cases, EasilyDo almost becomes a human assistant - the technology behind the app is amazing.

EasilyDo’s engine processes billions of searches in order to display actionable tasks in seconds, resulting in real-time travel alerts and a world of up-to-date information at your fingertips.

The kind of amazing work that EasilyDo does is hardly found elsewhere. Even if you find me another app like EasilyDo, there’s a strong chance that it’s not as usable as EasilyDo is. There are about 40 actions that it can take care of (you can automate some of them completely). These span across:

  • Location-based actions
  • Facebook-based actions
  • Email-based
  • Calendar Events
  • Contacts
  • Reminders

EasilyDo is the single greatest personal-assistant app you’ll ever need. And for a limited time you can take a fantastic 90 per cent off the retail cost on Pocket-lint Deals, for a final total of £13.43 ($19.99).