Another week has flown by and we're at the point where many of us get to put our feet up, ready for some prime TV viewing. However, unless you're a sucker for reality shows, is there anything on terrestrial telly that floats our boats these days?

That's why we like nothing better than to scan the streaming services for on demand content, to watch when we want, through a device, such as a Roku set-top-box or Streaming Stick.

Even that can be a fruitless task at times though, with so many apps and channels to scan through and so many TV programmes and movies on offer.

That's why we bring you our five highlights each week, to give you a place to start. You might want to check out the shows and films below. Or you might have some of your own suggestions. Either way, you can't complain that there's nothing on this weekend.


A modern day take on the mysteries and adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring an enigmatic British actor, now where have we heard that one before?

Elementary has its own merits though, with the interesting twist of Doctor Watson being a woman and played by Lucy Liu. It's also based in New York rather than London, and the fourth season is currently screening each week on Sky Living, so you can catch up with the first four episodes and the previous three series on NOW TV.

Warner BrosMan-From-UNCLE-7

Spy films are all the rage these days, with James Bond's return being a huge success, Kingsman being quite simply brilliant, and genre spoof Spy providing some real belly laughs. But Guy Ritchie's big screen revival of 60s TV series is perhaps the most stylish of them all.

Starring Superman, Henry Cavill, and Armie Hammer, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. sticks to its roots by being set in the swinging 60s and Ritchie's trademark camera tomfoolery works well throughout. 


The second of Netflix's major home grown movies arrives exclusively on the streaming platform and while it seems to pastiche Quentin Tarantino's Hateful 8, that's almost in title and the Western theme alone.

A better comparison for the Adam Sandler vehicle is Blazing Saddles, or Carry on Cowboy. It's a pretty silly, but fun comedy with a stellar cast, including cameos by Steve Buscemi and Harvey Keitel.

The second season of the Golden Globe-winning comedy drama is now available to watch on Amazon Video - included as part of a Prime subscription. And it's already been nominated for more awards this year.

Arrested Develoment's Jeffrey Tambor once again puts in some stunning performances as transgender dad Maura and all 10 episodes are ready to watch from the off. You can also catch up with season one.

Columbia Picturespixels-movie-7-1500x844

What is this, Adam Sandler week or something? Yep, another movie in which he stars has also been released and while it's not going to make a dent at the Oscars, it will keep kids happy on a Sunday afternoon. Even if they don't get the retro gaming references.

And it's worth a watch if only to see Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage sporting a very fine mullet.

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