The fine art of data analysis and management is not for everyone, but for those of us looking to establish strong leadership qualifications and top-level training with hands-on instruction, a new set of tools is set to smoothen your path to success.

The Essential Data Mastery Bundle will guide you, over the course of  7 tutorials and 36+ Hours of Instruction, to comprehensive fluency in big data while learning to manipulate multiple database systems, from MySQL to Oracle. For a limited time, you can pick up this bundle for ‎£26.12 ($39) from Pocket-lint Deals.

From executing simple TSQL statements to conquering the open-source relational database PostgreSQL, you’ll establish critical skills as a baseline to use with any modern database systems.

The courses include:

  1. Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building 10 Projects
  • Explore the World's Most Popular Cross Platform NoSQL Database
  1. Learning SQL, MySQL & Databases Is Easy
  • Manipulate Data Like the Pros & Build Better Technology
  1. SQL Server Fast Track for Novices: Tables
  • The All-in-One Primer for Getting Up To Speed on SQL Server Database Tables
  1. Taming Big Data with MapReduce & Hadoop
  • Analyze Large Amounts of Data w/ Today's Top Big Data Technologies
  1. Collect, Extract & Use Online Data Quickly and More Easily
  • Save Time & Advance Your Career with Data Management Skills
  1. Beginner's Guide to PostgreSQL
  • Nail Down the Basics of Database Concepts on Your Road to PostgreSQL Enlightenment
  1. MySQL Database Training for Beginners
  • Design & Administer a MySQL Database from Scratch

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