Christmas is coming and that means we're all getting into the spirit - sometimes literally when a bottle of brandy is left within sight.

One way of ensuring that you feel positively "Chrismassy" before the big day arrives is to fill your viewing hours with as much Santa action, through on demand movies and TV shows. There's certainly plenty to choose from, with just about every service lining up television specials and holidays-themed films to stream.

Roku, for example, offers over 1,700 different channels across its set-top-boxes and the Streaming Stick, and many of them feature Christmas content right now for you to check out - sometimes for free. That's why we've rounded up our 10 favourites, some dedicated to the seasons specifically, some with more than enough crackers to keep you feeling the joy right up until the moment you pass out in front of the Queen's speech on 25 December.

Have a merry one.

Pocket-lintRoku Christmas-2

Although NOW TV, like many of the channels and apps listed here, is far more than a portal to Christmas content, it has the entire Sky Movies Christmas channel as part of its line-up, for those with a Sky Movies Pass. And it has The Muppet Christmas Carol as one of many modern (and retro) films on offer to watch on demand. Brilliant.

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Netflix has a whole host of Christmas movies listed on its platform, with fun for all the family. Its line-up includes one of our favourites, Home Alone, and there's possible the greatest Christmas film of all time, It's a Wonderful Life. There is also a Netflix Original TV special, A Very Murray Christmas available, where host Bill Murray and celebrity guests sing and cheer through a variety show format that evokes memories of old. It's even directed by Lost in Translation's Sofia Coppola, reuniting her with her original star.

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Like Netflix, Amazon has plenty of Christmas content to view. Unlike Netflix, you can purchase or pay to rent some of the more recent or hard to find archive films and shows, including the Nativity series of films or The Nightmare Before Christmas, but there's also plenty available at no extra cost for Prime subscribers. This includes National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - one of the funniest holiday films around.

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Although the newly designed ITV Hub is not exactly brimful of Christmas cheer at present, it will be once the day itself draws nearer. For a start, those who can't catch the Christmas Day shenanigans on Coronation Street as they are broadcast could happily catch up through a Roku box. And then, of course, there's the Downton Abbey Christmas special - the last ever TV episode. Yikes.

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Like ITV, the BBC's Christmas output will ramp up as the weeks progress and culminate in a day of sorrow for the inhabitants of Walford on Eastenders. There are also Christmas outings for Luther and Sherlock, with the latter transported to the character's original Victorian times. And then there's the Strictly Come Dancing special, which will, like all of the Beeb's shows, be available on iPlayer.

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If you're bored of conventional telly and don't subscribe to one of the paid streaming services, you could always buy or rent your favourite films or shows from the Google Play Movies & TV channel. We could happily sit and watch The Office Christmas special, for example, over and over again.

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If you're looking for more esoteric viewing or even want an instructional video on how to put up a tree or cook a turkey, there's really only one place to go. YouTube has it all really, including plenty of amateur and professional choirs blasting out carols. If that doesn't make you feel in the mood, you have a heart of stone.

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If you have a Spotify account, create a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs online, start up your Roku box, select it and away you go. Job done. Alternatively, through the channel you can access hundreds of Christmas albums or playlists that have already been created. You'll be "rocking around the Christmas tree" in mere seconds.

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Free music video streaming service could also be your choice to bring Christmas cheer into your living room, by searching for your favourite Chrimbo classics and queuing them into a playlist. And it has both Wham's version of Last Christmas and the Crazy Frog's. What more could you ask for?

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However, the best Christmas channel on Roku by far is Carol-oke! It is a completely free service that offers plenty of carols and Christmas songs to sing out loud, with traditional karaoke-style lyrics. It has all the favourites: Jingle Bells, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and, of course, the one we all know and love, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Altogether now...

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