Christmas will soon be upon us and that will ensure that the normal TV schedules will be full of schmaltz. Why not, therefore, invest in a streaming device to make sure that you have plenty of other options for movies and TV shows to watch?

There's plenty of content available across all manner of streaming platforms. There's plenty of streaming services and apps too; Roku's collection of set-top-boxes and Streaming Stick have over 1,700 different channels alone, with many of them free.

That's why we continue with our weekly guide to give you a few highlights of what you can currently find on a number of different streaming platforms. Some are available through a monthly subscription, some through one-off rental or purchase payments. All are ready to stream instantly right now.

So check out any of the below and make sure you're not sat twiddling your thumbs this weekend.

20th Century FoxFantastic-Four-Trailer-Photo-Team-Shot

It seems that the Fantastic Four will perpetually be rebooted in movie form until someone hits on a winning formula - with a sequel to this latest reportedly put on hold - but it's still worth watching relative newcomer Josh Trank's take on the unlikely heroes. If only to see a grittier represention of the quartet.

Purposely younger than the last movie foursome, in an Ultimate Marvel Universe kind-of way, the cast fill their roles well with Brit Jamie Bell taking on the unenviable task of bringing rocky beast, The Thing to the big screen without looking like a man in a rubber suit.


With The Force Awakens a gnat's chuff away from hitting cinemas, Sky has partnered with Disney to bring back an entire movie dedicated to Star Wars. We thoroughly recommend, therefore, that you sit down and watch the original trilogy at the very least, starting with Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

If you have a NOW TV Sky Movies Pass you can not only watch the Star Wars channel as it broadcasts live, you can catch up with A New Hope and all of the movies, plus loads of additional content whenever you like. In HD too.


The entire first season of one of our favourite BBC period dramas of recent times, Peaky Blinders, is available to watch on Netflix. Just don't expect chamber maids, politeness and cups of tea in a manor house.

Set in Birmingham at the turn of the 1920s, you might struggle to understand the accents originally - especially as several of the actors lay it on thicker than usual as they're not from the area - but it's worth persevering as the gangster tale, starring Cillian Murphy, rivals anything Boardwalk Empire threw at us.


Called by some this generation's Raging Bull, Southpaw stars Jake Gyllenhall as boxer Billy Hope - a role he beefed up dramatically for.

This is no Rocky however, as the most interesting and dramatic tones are set by Hope's life outside of boxing, with the death of his wife and alcohol and drug addictions leading him down some dark paths. That said, the boxing scenes are brilliantly directed too. 


2010 movie Black Swan showed how ballet can be a great subject for drama and it is further evidenced in Flesh and Bone, an Amazon Original series in the UK.

The entire first season is available now and it pulls no punches on the cut-throat nature of professional dance. It's like Fame, only with less impromptu electric boogaloo sessions in the canteen.

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