The future is upon us, with high-end technology reaching reasonable costs for the consumer market.

It was only a short time ago when the idea of buying an HD video drone seemed prohibitively expensive - but today it’s an affordable reality with the Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD-Camera. Their latest development, the Inverted Flight Edition Drone is now 42 per cent off, just ‎£66.35 ($99.99) for a limited time from Pocket-lint Deals.

The world’s only upside-down flying micro HD-camera drone, the Micro Drone 2.0+ takes aerial photography to a new level with innovative technological capabilities. Even beginners will soon perform 360-degree flips with the drone’s pre-programmed algorithm, which also self-rights and stabilizes to its horizontal flying position.

Capture 720p HD videography both indoor and outside, and recharge easily via USB. With a range up to 400 feet, there’s virtually no limit to your aerial capabilities, providing a whole new perspective for budding videographers and a world of fun for would-be stunt pilots. Get yours now for ‎£66.35 ($99.99) from Pocket-lint Deals.