Our sci-fi daydreams are now a surprisingly affordable reality, as the Innori Virtual Reality Headset takes you into a fully-immersive and interactive video and gaming experience.

For a limited time, it’s offered at an unbelievably low ‎£22.55 ($33.99) - that’s 32 per cent off the MSRP from Pocket-lint Deals.

The Innori Virtual Reality Headset uses your phone to transform your screen into a virtual reality capable device. The VR headset is a wireless device, using your smartphone to give you total freedom of movement while custom-made adjustable VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling possible. Simply strap your phone inside the headset, and strap the device onto your head, adjusting the proximity to your comfort.

Innori’s high-quality lens technology keeps images pure and distortion-free as you leap into the future of entertainment. Viewing angles range up to 98 degrees in either direction, while adjustable features allow you to easily shift distance and size of images. The customized fit will soon have you forgetting that you’re wearing anything at all, the true crossover point for any virtual reality experience.

Get yours for just ‎£22.55 ($33.99) today on Pocket-lint Deals.