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Check out some of our great offers:

The Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle - £29.26

Enormous new career opportunities await in the world of coding, as our world becomes more and more digitally connected. With the Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle you can get into programming without any prior experience and begin building amazing projects for desktops and the internet like a pro, using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Python, Git and more. And with additional Cyber Monday savings, you’re paying just £29.26 (U.S. $44) on Pocket-lint Deals!

The Coding 101 Bundle - £24.44

Basic coding is a valuable skill most anyone can learn in a few hours. The Coding 101 Bundle is a great place to start, with eight courses covering the fundamentals of web and app development.

Designed for complete beginners, the course is delivered by way of straightforward video tutorials. After taking your first few steps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript with the Introduction to Web Development course, you can extend your knowledge of these languages in separate tracks, along with jQuery, the JavaScript framework. Your Cyber Monday savings bring the total to just £24.44 (U.S. $36.75) on Pocket-lint Deals.

Python Programming Pro Bundle - £14.46

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in use, and with a comprehensive mastery you’ll have every tool to be your company’s go-to resource for data analysis, development and more. With the Python Programming Pro Bundle, you’ll gain access to nearly two hundred lectures to bring you a comprehensive understanding of the Python ecosystem. Previously ‎£18.78 (U.S. $29), with Cyber Monday savings you’re paying just £14.46 (U.S. $21.75) from Pocket-lint Deals.

Interactive Coding Bootcamp - £19.28

Whether you're looking to seriously upgrade your abilities as a professional developer or are just getting started in the field, a portfolio of current, real-world apps is essential to make a strong impression. The Interactive Coding Bootcamp is your best path to leveling up, with a 12-week comprehensive online course to set you on a course for coding success.

Establish a full developer skill set as you interact one-on-one with the best mentors in the field, navigating 33-plus hours of video courses from Stanford, Harvard and more. Get it today with Cyber Monday savings for only £19.28 (U.S. $29) on Pocket-lint Deals.