You know that thing where you grab the remote to see if there's something interesting on television and end up cycling completely through the channels without finding anything you'd like to watch, no matter how many are available to you? Well, thanks to streaming services and set-top-boxes you don't have to worry.

This weekend you can watch what you want, when you want and all you need is access to some of the catch-up and on demand platforms through devices, such as the Roku boxes or Streaming Stick.

However, even then you might be bamboozled by how much choice there is - after all, Roku itself has over 1,700 channels, each of which offering different content.

That's we at Pocket-lint list our highlights of shows and movies available on streaming services each week, in order to give you a suggestion of content you might like to check out. And this week's a really good'un...

Universal Televisionblindspot

Currently broadcasting on NBC in the States, new crime drama Blindspot has come to the UK care of Sky Living and is therefore available to watch live and on demand on NOW TV if you have an Entertainment Pass.

When a naked woman (played by Jaimie Alexander) is discovered lying in a bag in Times Square, New York, FBI agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is called to investigate. Why? She just so happens to have his name tattooed on her back.


After a troubled production period that led to Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright parting company with the project, Ant-Man actually received critical approval on its release.

Now you can find out why, with the Marvel superhero movie being made available to purchase digitally from several streaming services.


Martial arts series Into the Badlands has been snapped up as an Amazon Original series in the UK, so you can watch it as part of a regular Amazon Prime subscription.

Daniel Wu plays Sunny who travels across a post-apocalyptic land on an epic journey with young boy M.K., who is highly sought after because of his mysterious powers. Basically, cue a load of cool looking fight sequences. Yay.

Paramount PicturesMission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-Review-hq

Pocket-lint attended the world premiere of this movie, held in the Vienna State Opera House, and loved every minute of it. We're sure you will too.

Spaced and Shaun of the Dead fans (the second time that flick's mentioned here) will love it all the more as it features more Simon Pegg than any Mission Impossible film beforehand. Indeed, we'd say he plays co-star to Tom Cruise. However, the real star of Rogue Nation is newcomer Rebecca Ferguson as saucy, sassy assassin Isla Faust.


Each Expendables movie has grown bigger in the amount of 80s/90s action heroes it employs as part of the cast, and as well as Stallone, Schwartzenegger and Dolph Lundgren, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes join the fun.

It's big, bombastic and blinking stupid at times, just like we love our action movies to be.

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