The Apple iPad Pro was announced in September 2015 after months and months of rumours and speculation. It is no small device with a display size of 12.9-inches in comparison to the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and its smaller brother, the 7.9-inch iPad mini 4, but it is a powerful one.

The company claims this huge tablet has nearly double the CPU of the iPad Air 2, along with improved multi-touch technology but it isn't just about the size - it is the iPad that is supposed to enable you to be more creative and productive.

Whatever you plan on using it for however, chances are if you are reading this feature, you want to keep it protected. Like its siblings, the iPad Pro has a stunning design (even if it is the same size as our head) and although it always seems a shame to cover that beautiful aluminium build, scratches and bumps happen all too easily.

There are several cases out there already and no doubt more will appear soon. We have rounded up some of the best ones we have found so far but as usual, we will be updating this feature regularly so be sure to keep checking back if you don't find one that suits you just yet.

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