With the Amazon Video channel now available on Roku devices alongside a whole host of other streaming services, there's plenty to watch this weekend away from the beaten track of conventional broadcast TV.

Whether it's a movie, digital TV box-set or something to catch-up with before new episodes appear, you could do yourself a favour with any of the following highlights we've hand picked for you. All are available on different streaming services and there's something for everyone we like to think.

There's a movie that you can buy digitally, another available as part of a NOW TV Sky Movies Pass, a couple of new series to watch if you subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Netflix, and we've chucked in a guilty pleasure of ours that's available for free.

So, this weekend, sit back and enjoy any of the following. We know we will.

AmazonThe Man in the High Castle

Based on a book by Philip K Dick, The Man in the High Castle is a controversial, provocative Amazon Original TV series that is set in an America that lost World War II. The Japanese therefore control part of the States, the Nazi's another.

The series is executive produced by Ridley Scott, who returns to the works of Dick after having originally adapted Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep as BladeRunner many moons ago. The whole 10 episodes of season one are available to watch now. 

Disney / PixarInside Out 2

Pixar's latest animated movie is now available to buy from several digital stores after a hugely successful run in cinemas. It's more than the usual, colourful fare too, with much to enjoy even for adults. Indeed, we'd suggest some of the humour and themes are aimed squarely at parents as they sit to watch it with their kids.

It follows five emotions that live inside young girl Riley's mind - Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust. And when something goes wrong with their host's memories, an epic adventure begins.

Netflix / MarvelJessica Jones

While Amazon has The Man in the High Castle as its own exclusively made series, Netflix has launched another in its partnership with Marvel Comics.

Jessica Jones was a secondary superhero character in the Marvel Universe previously, but is interesting enough to get her own show, which ties-in with others either available now or in development. Daredevil, for example, is also based in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York. Other heroes will appear in the series too and former Doctor Who, David Tennant, co-stars as villain Kilgrave.

Warner BrosJupiter Ascending

Matrix creators, the Wachoski brothers, are behind this grand science fiction flick that's ideal for a spot of Sunday afternoon fun.

Chaning Tatum and Mila Kunis star as an alien protector and unwitting galactic princess as they join forces to battle an alien threat to Earth. It's silly stuff but has stunning visuals throughout.

ITVI'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

The annual "be cruel to celebrities" event has begun and you can catch up with all the action so far on ITV Player.

Dumping buckets of cockroaches on the top of z-listers' heads might not be everybody's cup of tea, but there's no doubting it can be funny watching them squirm. Plus, thanks to the on demand availability, you can ensure you don't accidentally catch a soap star chomping on a crocodile's penis while you're munching on your own bangers and mash.

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