Whether you're a kid big or small, there is no denying these gadgets will bring a smile to faces this Christmas. 

Osmo, created by young parents, encourages creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen of the iPad, turning any physical object into a digitally-connected game piece. With four games included, this really blurs the boundaries of physical and virtual play. A Pocket-Lint Editor’s Choice product

BUY NOW: £69.99

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Hoverboards are all the rage this Christmas and this one comes with a self-balancing gyroscopic control system so you shouldn't fall off. Well, not too much. Capable of taking anyone up to 100kg in weight, you'll be able to whizz around your garden at speeds of up to 7mph. The Revo Glider has a range of 12 miles and recharges in two-and-a-half hours. It's available in white or black and comes with blue LED lights to help light your way.

BUY NOW: £399.99

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Virtual reality will be all the rage next year, but rather than wait until 2016, why not turn your phone into a VR headset now. Supporting almost any smartphone and hundreds of apps, Homido is a plug-and-play device that is ready to go from the box; all you need is to download the Homido centre app and you are all set, ready to fully experience virtual reality!

BUY NOW: £49.99

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As the name suggests, this drone is for night time flying and comes with two bright LEDs to light up the night sky. A 3-megapixel camera and 1GB of flash memory mean you can capture the moment from above. For those wanting to fly through the midnight hours, the Airborne Night drone comes with a replaceable rechargeable battery meaning you can keep on going till the morning.

BUY NOW: £99.99

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This drone masters both air and water and can skim across lakes, ponds and rivers without capsizing. With speeds up to 18kmph in the air or 11kmph on the water you'll be able to snap photos as you fly thanks to the on board 3-megapixel camera. A replaceable, rechargeable battery is also included.

BUY NOW: £139.99

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The Alpha Drone is a lightweight, streamlined drone that is capable of capturing HD (720p) video and stills footage from the air at ranges of up to 60m away. With six-axis gyroscopic control it’s going to be super stable to fly and is small enough to put in a bag when your done. A remote control is included along with a replaceable, rechargeable battery.

BUY NOW: £134.99

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An ideal gift for the keen photographer in your life. The Intuos Photo includes Wacom’s leading pen and touch tablet technology, photo editing tools, software, services and online training. It makes it easy to turn digital images into special mementos, projects, photo books and more. It connects to any computer via USB, with no need for batteries.

BUY NOW: £70

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Want to show others just how good you are at a certain game? Now you can, as the Elgato Game Capture HD60 enables you to record, stream and share your gameplay from the Xbox One and PS4 at 1080p 60fps. For those keen to add their own soundtrack you can use the built-in live commentary feature and the device even includes the ability to live stream your results so others can see your gaming prowess. Creating and sharing game footage has never been so easy.

BUY NOW: £139.99

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The Bamboo Stylus Fineline features a fine tip at the end rather than a big rubber tip like on other devices, allowing you to make detailed notes on your iPad. Connected via Bluetooth, the brushed aluminium pen works with a number of apps, including Bamboo Paper, NotesPlus, GoodReader, Noteability and more. It comes with palm rejection technology so your resting hand doesn't get in the way, and works with the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad Air or newer models.

BUY NOW: £49.99

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Bamboo Spark is a paper notebook designed to capture your handwritten notes and then "magically" transfer them into digital form. They can then work with cloud services enabling you to share and/or edit your notes on the go. The Spark comes with a sleeve for your tablet, a 30 page notebook, and a special ballpoint pen that captures everything. Whether your notes are digital or analogue you now get to record them all. 

BUY NOW: £103

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