Bust a groove with some amazing music gadgets this Christmas.

Vinyl is back, and the Flexson VinylPlay helps you listen to your records even if your current music system is a little more 21st century. Available in black or white, the UK-made record player can be easily connected to Sonos to digitally stream your vinyls to any room, or simply to active speakers for an instant hi-fi. Finally, you can have your music cake and eat it.

BUY NOW: £329.99

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Transform TV and movie sound – and enjoy wireless music streaming - with the Award-winning, one-box Canton DM55 soundbase. The sleek, glass-topped DM55 sits discreetly under your TV and connects with a single cable. It packs in 200 watts of 2.1 channel amplification, delivered by six drivers – two tweeters, two midrange and two subwoofers ­– and features modes that boost dialogue performance, save power and much more. The DM55 is available in white, silver or black.

BUY NOW: £329

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If you want to hear more from your music (and your headphones), the award-winning Astell&Kern AK Jr delivers a far superior portable audio experience than your smartphone or iPod. Not only does it sound better, and offer support for about any music format on the planet – including 24-bit high-resolution files – but it’s beautifully built from aluminium, too. Comes with 64GB of internal storage to fill with songs, and a further 64GB through micro SD card support if that's still not enough.

BUY NOW: £399

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Designed by BMWDesignWorks USA, the EL-8 headphones are built with superb craftsmanship, wood-veneer accents, and enormous attention to detail. They use advanced planar magnetic technology to deliver superb sound, with their closed-back, noise-isolatiing design helping you (not others around you) hear more.

BUY NOW: £599

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Give your music a lift with the Desk Stand for the Sonos Play:1. Bespoke designed for the popular streaming music speaker, the stand raises it off the desk giving a better angle and reducing desk vibration. The elegant metal design comes in black or white finishes to match the Sonos speakers.

BUY NOW: £24.99

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A headphone amplifier combined with a high-performance DAC, the Deckard drives any headphone with power to spare. Handling 16- to 32-bit inputs and designed by BMW Designworks, the device, which is named after Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner, will make any music sound exciting and dynamic.

BUY NOW: £599

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A high-gloss stand that gives your headphones a smart place to hang out, the Base Stand comes with a cable rest to keep things tidy and tangle free. Also included is a detachable cradle for your phone or music player. Available in red, black or white, you'll now always have a place to put your cans when they aren't on your head.

BUY NOW: £29.99

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