Safe driving is critical, but your phone’s driving-assistance functionality requires ready and responsible access.

With the Ultima S Universal Smartphone Car Mount. Once attached to your dashboard or other windshield, the Ultima S takes hold of your device for hands-free access to maps, calls and music on the go. At £33.07 ($49.99), this stylish driving assistant is 30 per cent off from Pocket-lint Deals.

There’s good reason why CNET calls the Ultima S “a finely crafted piece of gear designed to hold a smartphone to your dashboard or windshield.” The stylish, all-aluminum body provides durability while universal fit allows use with nearly any smartphone, tablet or GPS unit.  The interior metal ball with extra angle adjustment joint rotates your display from portrait to landscape with ease.

And as you can see in the iPad shake test below, this thing is not coming free unless you want it to. Hands-free access is the safe way to drive, and the Ultima S Universal Smartphone Car Mount makes it stylish and convenient.

Get it today for £33.07 ($49.99) from Pocket-lint Deals.