It's time to get a keyboard for that fancy Apple iPad Pro you've just bought or been given as a nice little, but not little at all, pressie.

Apple's most powerful and priciest iPad to date, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, has a starting price of £679, and is claimed to be a device that is capable of replacing laptops. It has a faster processor than the other iPads (except the smaller iPad Pro), with a new 64-bit A9X and M9 combination under the hood, which Apple claims rivals most portable PCs.

The Cupertino company also pitches this device at the business, multitasking-focused user. In order to turn this powerhouse into a productivity machine that can support your workflow however, you'll have to connect it to a keyboard.

There aren't quite as many keyboards out there as there are cases, the latter of which you can find here, but we have rounded up a few that will help you type out those emails, spreadsheets, and notes.

As usual, we will keep updating this feature and adding more as they catch our eye so keep checking back if one of the lovely options in the gallery doesn't tickle your fancy.

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To complement its iPad Pro, Apple developed a full-size keyboard that attaches to the iPad Pro via the smart connector. The Smart Keyboard basically aims to make the tablet a direct competitor to the Microsoft Surface.

The connector allows for charging and two-way exchange of data, and it folds down to become a slim cover that protects the tablet's display when not in use. The keys features a spill-resistant woven fabric, and the keyboard itself has a mixture of nylon and metal.

PRICE: £139 from Apple


The Apple Magic Keyboard is a standalone keyboard that can connect to your iPad Pro via Bluetooth. It doesn't offer any protection to the iPad like others on this list, but it does offer a lovely typing experience.

It features a built-in rechargeable battery along with improved scissor mechanism beneath each key for increased stability, as well as optimised key travel and a lower profile. Apple says the Magic Keyboard should last a month before it needs recharging.

PRICE: £79 from Apple


The Brydge BrydgePro keyboard is made from 100 per cent aluminium and the company claims it is thinner than the MacBook Air when combined with the iPad Pro.

The BrydgePro connects to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth 4.0 and it features backlit, tactile keys with varying brightness levels. There is a three-month rechargeable battery on board and it comes in gold, silver and space grey.

PRICE: $189 from Brydge


The FYY keyboard case for the Apple iPad Pro features a gold wireless Bluetooth keyboard along with a note holder within the cover.

The cover offers a leather exterior finished with a fine texture, while the interior has a microfibre lining to protect the display when closed. There is a trackpad on the keyboard but this doesn't work with the iPad Pro.

PRICE: $80.88 from


The Iconic Bluetooth Keyboard Case comes in white and red colour options and it features a leather stand along with its typing offering.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth rather than the smart connector and it can be switched on via the power switch on the side so be sure to switch it off when you are finished with it to preserve battery.

PRICE: $59.99 from


Logitech was one of the first third-party manufacturers to offer a keyboard right out of the gate for Apple's iPad Pro with its Create Backlit Keyboard case. Its offering is ideal for low-light situations, thanks to the backlit keyboard and power comes directly from the smart connector on the iPad Pro. There's also an auto wake and sleep option that helps preserve the tablet's battery life, and it provides access to all the tablet's ports.

It even has a row of iOS function keys, such as brightness adjustment, home, search, language, and media playback buttons. Logitech's case comes in three different colours.

PRICE: £109.95 from Apple


The Peyou iPad Pro Keyboard has been designed exclusively for the 12.9-inch slab and it features a magnetic detachable keyboard that makes it easy to remove from the case when not needed.

The keyboard offers ABS keys, said to offer a better typing experience than silicone keyboards and it comes with an adjustable stand to hold the iPad Pro in landscape mode.

PRICE: $69.99 from


The Zagg Messenger Universal is a keyboard and stand in one and it connects to the iPad Pro using Bluetooth.

Magnets secure the cover when not in use and activate the keyboard's sleep/wake function to help preserve battery life, while the built-in stand provides an ideal viewing angle. A durable cover also provides a secure grip and protects your keyboard when not in use.

PRICE £89.99 from Zagg

ZaggImage 2015-11-11 at 8.55.49 PM

Zagg's Slim Book connects to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth rather than the new smart connector, making it cheaper than some of the others available. It can also simultaneously connect to up to three devices and be detached from Apple's tablet when in use.

It even comes with back-lighting and claims to have a battery that lasts up to two-years on a single charge. Impressive. You can pick up Zagg's keyboard in seven different colours.


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