One of the most important gears in the massive proverbial internet machine is JavaScript, and the benefits of fluency in the coding language include the ability to design webpages, gain a better understanding of how the digital world is translated into the internet we interact with, and of course adding six-figure value to yourself as a vital company resource.

With the JavaScript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle, you can level up in life and profession for just £19.27 ($29) from Pocket-lint DealsOver the course of 24 hours of in-depth courses, you'll learn the concepts of front-end development powered by JavaScript. The program language is the engine to modern browsers, and with this bundle you’ll have the know-how to excel in any project you can imagine.

The bundle starts with an introduction to JavaScript, taking your through the process of making a functional webpage from scratch. From there users will move on to Advanced JavaScript Programming, where you’ll be able to learn more skills in code manipulation, giving you greater power to perfect the style and tone of the web pages you design. Once you've tackled the basics of JavaScript you’ll begin training in jQuery, the most popular JavaScript library in use today.

We’ve put together a bundled package of courses to take you from coding rookie to web developer. Get the JavaScript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle now for just £19.27 ($29) on Pocket-lint Deals.