A clear sign that the sci-fi future we dreamed of as children has arrived: the Homido Virtual Reality Headset, a new device which uses your phone to transform videos and games into fully interactive virtual reality experiences.

Now just ‎£32.42 (US $49.99) from Pocket-lint Deals, sci-fi daydreams are now a surprisingly affordable reality. 

The Homido Virtual Reality Headset is a wireless device, using your smartphone to give you total freedom of movement while custom-made adjustable VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling possible.

Three different settings can adapt to far-sighted, near-sighted, normal vision, while any smartphone fits into the front. Combine 3D & 360-degree head-tracking for a whole new video and gaming experience, while exploring the Homido Center’s 300 app options.

Owning your own Homido Virtual Reality Headset is impressively affordable. Get in on the future of entertainment for just £32.42 (US $49.99) from Pocket-lint Deals.