To make your website truly shine through design and functionality, a complex world of HTML is needed.

In the rapidly evolving digital era, we are no longer beholden to design-restrictive processes through Adobe Creative Suite or Coda 2. Now there’s finally a tool to execute the full workflow in an advanced platform: Macaw.

Web design tool Macaw was created to push HTML as the “standard deliverable at every stage of the process – from conception to deployment,” according to Macaw creators Tom Giannattasio and Adam Christ.  You can get it for £31.70 ($49), a full 72 percent off the listing price, at Pocket-lint Deals.

Macaw is a powerful, one-of-a-kind image editor and code generator which allows you to style and manipulate elements by hand, before generating the HTML and CSS to bring your ideas to life. Macaw’s design environment is powered by a real-time layout engine called Stream, with an interface similar to Photoshop, enabling a fluid design process.

The software speeds up the production process for both Web designers and developers, easing collaborations and ambitious projects. Give up the battle for layout logic and embrace convenience with the Macaw Code-Savvy Web Design Tool, now for just £31.70 (US $49) at Pocket-lint Deals.