Amazon's Fire TV devices are the company's fastest selling products of all time, beating both the Kindle and Fire tablets. The range allows you to access and stream a variety of content, including the new non-BBC Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May from Amazon Prime when it kicks off, but also through apps such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

There are three options available to you if Amazon is the route you have chosen, comprising the Fire TV 4K set-top box, the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote and the standard Fire TV Stick, but which is the right one for you?

We have explored each of the three Fire TV devices to explain what each one offers, how they differ and help you work out which Amazon Fire TV device you should choose.


The Amazon Fire TV 4K is the latest and greatest second-generation model of the Fire TV set-top box. It succeeds last year's model, which is no longer available to buy, bringing Ultra HD video streaming and other features to the party.

There is a quad-core processor under the hood, 2GB of RAM, a microSD slot for expanding app-download storage and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for greater range, more stability and higher bandwidth than before.

Like the Amazon tablets and Fire OS, the Fire TV 4K features an Android-based user platform with a personal touch. There is a huge range of music, movies, TV shows through the Amazon Prime Instant subscription service, but you will also be able to access Netflix, Sky News and BBC iPlayer through the apps section, among others. There are a few missing however, such as ITV and Channel 4 catch up services so bear that in mind.

The biggest thing going for this Fire TV option is the dedicated section for 4K Ultra HD video. The section allows you to purchase or rent a selection of 4K content to play through the box to a compatible TV. Prime subscribers can also stream 4K versions of Amazon's original TV series at no extra cost.

Amazon also offers games through the Fire TV 4K set-top box and this second-generation model has a new remote and game controller, both of which connect via Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth so they offer lower latency.


Buy the Amazon Fire TV 4K because you have a 4K TV and you want to find and watch higher resolution content easily. It's also the quickest and smoothest in operation.

PRICE: £79.99 from Amazon

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon's answer to the dongle market, taking on the likes of Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick. There are two versions of the Fire TV Stick available to buy, one with a voice-controlled remote and the other with a simpler remote.

The Fire TV Stick isn't as powerful as the Fire TV set-top box mentioned above but it still offers a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and it can do everything the set-top box can, expect for deliver you 4K content or play one or two of the most graphically intensive games. It offers 1080p output with 7.1 audio instead.

Like the Fire TV 4K, the Fire TV Stick is all about Amazon services, with Prime Instant Video, Amazon Music and Amazon Cloud placed at the forefront. All the apps from the set-top box are available on the Stick too though, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Plex. ITV Player and 4oD are still missing but Amazon has said ITV Player is coming to the Stick soon.

There is dual-band Wi-Fi on board and the Fire Stick is also equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect it to the Amazon Game Controller or an alternative Bluetooth-enabled controller if you want to play games. One other plus is that Amazon has made it possible for you to take the Fire TV Stick on holiday as it has found a way for you to input room and log-in details for connection to hotel Wi-Fi. Clever.

The Voice Remote allows you to talk to the remote in order for it to find TV shows, movies and games. It's a little more expensive than the normal Fire TV Stick but it makes searching for content nice and simple.


For those without a 4K TV but an Amazon Prime subscription, the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is a cheaper way to access a variety of content, with the added benefit of being able to search through that content by simply talking to the remote.

PRICE: £45 from Amazon (available from 13 November)

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick without voice controls offers the exact same specs, features and functions as the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, but you won't be able to search for content by talking.

There is a dual-processor, 1GB of RAM, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all on board, as well as 8GB of storage like the other Fire TV Stick, along with a range of games and content.

You'll find tens of thousands of TV episodes and movies from the likes of Amazon Video, Netflix and BBC iPlayer, as well as games including Crossy Road, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Hill Climb Racing.

The only difference between this Fire Stick and the other Fire Stick is the lack of voice control and the price.


If you want an even cheaper way to access and stream a wide variety of content to your TV but you're not as bothered about 4K or voice control, this is a great way to achieve that. Especially if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

PRICE: £35 from Amazon

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