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Python is a popular programming language, and with a comprehensive mastery you’ll have every tool to be your company’s go-to resource for data analysis, development and more. With the Python Programming Pro Bundle, you’ll gain access to nearly two hundred lectures to bring you a comprehensive understanding of the Python ecosystem.

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Across six thorough courses you’ll establish familiarity with every important facet of Python web development. You’ll start with a broad overview of basic Python concepts, then transition into more advanced principles such as programming web servers and managing datasets with MySQL. You’ll gain an understanding on how to tease insights from large datasets using Python, dissecting and analyzing data while utilizing the Pandas and NumPy libraries.

You’ll become familiar with Django, a Python framework used to create web applications that power complex, database-driven sites and allow you to quickly scale what you build. In addition, you’ll master Matplotlib, a 2D Python plotting library which allows you to transform raw data into graphs by creating any data visual you can envision.

Finally, you’ll explore game development by creating a real, working clone of the viral hit Flappy Bird. Ready to upgrade your skillset and career? Grab the Python Programming Pro Bundle for just ‎£18.78 (U.S. $29) from Pocket-lint Deals.