The world’s smallest quadcopter just got seriously stylish.

The Skeye Nano Drone: Matte-Black Limited Edition is a sleek, black reskin on the wildly popular half-ounce Skeye Nano Drone, primed for stunt-flying fun right out of the box.

This high-thrust lightweight drone is perfect for learning aerial acrobatics, with a 6-axis flight control system enabling banked turns, flips and figure eights - quick adaptations even for rookie pilots. For a limited time, you can get it at Pocket-lint Deals for ‎£25.90 (US $39.99).

This limited-edition drone offers beginner, intermediate and advanced flight modes, assuring a confident flying experience through the 7-10 minute total flight time per charge. You’ll enjoy a flight range of 50 meters.

At night, the LED lights are great for a little UFO speculation among friends, while crash landings are a bit less scary with 4x spare rotors included. At ‎£25.90 (US $39.99), ridiculously fun flying is entry-level easy.

Get it for 42 per cent off for a limited time from Pocket-lint Deals.