Electrolux holds a global competition called Design Lab every year, which sees design students from all over the world come up with some weird and wonderful, time-relevant concepts for future homes.

The competition presents what you could see in a smarthome or a world of the far and distant future, you could say. Some ideas are more conceptual, while others are ideas you could imagine becoming a reality now. This year especially highlighted the latter with a few concepts combining current technologies rather than looking at developing new ones. 

Design Lab is in its 13th year and while 13 may be an unlucky number for some, it wasn't for finalist Jordan Lee Martin from the UK, who walks away with €10,000 and a six-month paid internship at Electrolux for his concept Bloom. The idea was a kettle-based pod system that allows users to utilise the steam and boiling water from the kettle in the centre to cook, clean and grow plants in the three pods surrounding it.

This year, the theme was healthy and happy kids. Everyone wants some of those right? Entrants had to come up with ideas and concepts within one of the three areas comprising air purification, cooking and fabric care. The challenge was to see how in the future our homes could become supportive environments for children to live in and grow in. There were 1500 applicants across 60 countries, from which the six finalists were chosen.

There is everything from a robot called Voris that teaches children to look after their clothes, to a robot called Plato that helps you takes care of your child and a hula hoop called Quadruple H that doubles up as an air purifier. We told you they were weird and wonderful.

You can find a run down of each finalist concept and what they are about in the gallery. The winner might have been chosen, but let us know in the comments which one you would like to see become a reality.

Click here to see the Design Lab 2015 finalist concepts and winners.