Designers can never have too many symbol options in their quest to produce engaging visual communications.

With the rise of the internet, the universe of symbols and icons has expanded rapidly, and with it the opportunities on which careers are built. This core idea has fueled the creators of the Noun Project, a massive collection of royalty-free icons meant to empower designers with the means to visually express almost any idea.

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A vast selection of over 150,000 royalty-free and beautifully designed icons will provide the edge designers need, with a staggering variety of options in both SVG and PNG formats which can be accessed through a drag-and-drop Mac App interface. No downloads are required, and the icons can be custom organised based on your particular needs.

Skip the tedium of crafting your own icons, and take advantage of Noun Project’s massive archive to take the next step in your design career. Get started on your two-year subscription now for just £25.41 (US $39) from Pocket-lint Deals.