It's the weekend again and that means you might be able to find the time to flick through the streaming services in order to find the content you want, when you want to watch it.

However, with so much available across thousands of services and streaming channels, where to start?

That's why Pocket-lint gives our highlights each week of TV shows and movies on readily available apps and channels, accessible through streaming devices like the Roku family of set-top-boxes and the company's Streaming Stick. We think you should check out the following five. And while you're there, you might as well have a flick around to see what else tickles your fancy. Online on demand streaming means you'll never have to sit through another episode of Don't Tell The Bride again.

Columbia PicturesThe Interview

Hugely controversial when it first released, not least because it was cited to be the reason behind massive hack attacks on Sony Pictures, widely reported to have been sanctioned by North Korean authorities. That's because the comedy focuses on two journalists, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, are assigned by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during their travels to interview him.

To be honest, without the hype, the film might not have been so popular. But it's well worth a watch to see what all the fuss was about and is now available for those with a NOW TV Movies Pass.

NetflixScream TV series

Season one of the TV series based on the Scream franchise of movies was actually first shown on MTV earlier this year but now lives under the Netflix Original banner on the streaming service. Netflix has all 10 episodes of the teen slasher drama on its platform and with a second series already commissioned it's a good opportunity to catch up.

Like the films, the show mixes horror and humour, although original fans might not like the new mask design used, which seems a little darker in tone to us.

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Village RoadshowSan Andreas

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a busy boy. Not only is he appearing in Ballers, the drama on Sky that's also available through NOW TV, his latest big screen blockbuster has been released digitally and is available on Google Play and the Sky Store.

San Andreas is not a dramatisation of the Grand Theft Auto game of the same name (oh how we wish it was), but is a good, old-fashioned disaster movie, with the west coast of America falling foul of some of the biggest earthquakes in history and The Rock travelling across the wasteland in search of his daughter. Great Sunday afternoon stuff.

BBCDoctor Who 2

Series nine started with a bang a couple of weeks ago, but if you missed the first two Dalek-ified episodes you can catch up with a special omnibus edition on iPlayer that stitches the two together into one, full-length TV movie.

And as the hugely popular sci-fi series continues on Saturday night, you can also catch episode three live on the platform, even if you miss the first few minutes of the broadcast time thanks to a "watch from the start" feature recently added to iPlayer. Either that or catch it the following day.

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Filmways TelevisionBeverly Hillbillies

The Pop Flix Classic TV channel has a stack of TV shows and episodes of yesterday, including I Love Lucy and one of our personal faves from the 1960s, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Having accidentally discovered oil on their land, the Clampetts strike goldand decide to move into Beverly Hills to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. They struggle to adapt to their new found wealth to both hilarious and warm hearted effect. All episodes on the channel are also presented in great nick, with impressive picture quality considering their age.

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