Whether you’re a gamer, comics aficionado or all-round geek, you’ll find a treasure trove of fun with Loot Crate, the first-ever subscription service catering to those who embody the geek and gaming lifestyle.

With this 3-month subscription, you’ll join a network of “looters” with access to the best hand-picked gear, collectibles, toys, apparel, art, and other goodies from the geek-culture collective. From “Fantasy” to “Villains”, each month will feature a new, epic theme and will be delivered to your doorstep in an exciting mystery package.

Each package will come with an average of 6-8 items per crate  - all for £32.34 (U.S. $49) from Pocket-lint Deals.

With Loot Crate, you’ll:

  • Get a monthly package of cool & exclusive geek items
  • Discover awesome new brands
  • Keep up with the cutting edge of comic & nerd culture
  • Join a community of like-minded geeks
  • Fill the void until next year’s Comic-Con

You can now get a three month subscription to Loot Crate for just £32.34 (U.S. $49) and save 15 per cent off the normal price of $58 with Pocket-lint Deals.