Google's launch event where it is expected to announce at least two new smartphones and an update to its Chromecast media streamer is due to kick off in San Francisco shortly and Pocket-lint is in attendance.

We're in the building where we hope to hear everything about the Nexus 5X, the LG-made 5.2-inch phone that has been subject to many a rumour in the last few weeks and, even, months.

We also hope to find out everything there is to know about the Huawei-made larger of the two handsets, the Nexus 6P. That is rumoured to have a 5.7-inch screen with a higher 2560 x 1440 resolution display, so could be considered the more premium of the two.

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And then there is a more rotund Chromecast 2 that has surfaced in leaked pictures in recent times. It is tipped to have better Wi-Fi and several new features.

There might also be some surprises along the way. So stick with Pocket-lint as we bring you the latest from the event. Exciting times.

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