Since the specifications leak earlier - which turned out to be bang on the money, by the way - the Nexus 5X has been revealed by Google and we've published an in-depth round-up of all the different aspects of the new handset which you can find here.

It includes the new smartphone's release date, price and much more, so is well worth checking out.

If you still fancy reading the previous leak story, we keep it in its entirety below...

Previous story...

Yesterday, we were treated to a leaked set of slides revealing everything there is to know about the Nexus 6P smartphone ahead of the Google unveiling tonight, now it's the turn of the smaller of the two expected handsets, the LG-made Nexus 5X.

A set of alleged documents revealing the specifications and features of the LG Nexus 5X have appeared on Imgur, along with what looks to be a scan of an official marketing leaflet. And if they are genuine, we now know the handset inside and out.

Much of the specs revealed in this leak match those we already suspected from former rumours. The Nexus 5X will have a 5.2-inch Full HD LCD screen (424ppi) with Gorilla Glass 3.

It will run on a hexa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, with Adreno 418 graphics, and have 2GB of RAM - making the phone top of the mid-range rather than all-out premium.

The rear camera will be 12.3-megapixels (f/2.0) with the ability to capture 4K video and the front camera will be 5-megapixels (f/2.2). The former also promises larger pixels on the sensor so can capture more light.

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There is also a fingerprint sensor on the rear, which is something common for an LG handset.

Storage options will be offered in 16GB or 32GB, but the leak suggests there will be no option to upgrade (which is pretty standard for a Nexus phone and it's likely a significant amount of Google Drive cloud storage will be on offer). It will have USB Type-C connectivity though, so up to date on that score.

Dimensions listed in the leaked documents are 147 x 72.6 x 7.9mm and the weight is 136g.

Of course, the phone will come with the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Even if the leaked information is bogus, that's a given.

The documents haven't been validated but do comply with much of what we've heard so far so do have a whiff of believability to them. We'll find out for sure during the event tonight.

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