Another week and that means there's another bevy of some great TV shows and films to watch across a selection streaming services this weekend, through a streaming box like those made by Roku or even a Streaming Stick dongle.

You might already know, but we've recently started to present a few key highlights from different services, both free and paid, to give you some ideas of cool content to watch streamed over the 'net.

There are movies that have just come to specific platforms, new shows, catch-up programming and even a major sporting event on our curated list of faves - something for everyone. So check out any or all of the following this weekend. Who needs old-fashioned, linear broadcast TV?

Warner Brosmad_max_fury_road_wallpaper_1920x1080_by_sachso74-d8r49ti

Tom Hardy's turn as Max Rockatansky has been garnering praise universally and director George Miller's first Mad Max movie in thirty years is a masterpiece in cinematography.

Partly designed by comic book legend Brendan McCarthy, the film uses colour and contrast in a vibrant and effective manner to make the film look quite unlike anything else out there in years. And it is refreshing to see stunts performed for real throughout, rather than enhanced or replaced by CGI. Superb. 


Pixar's prequel to Monsters Inc hits Netflix and subscribers are in for a treat. It goes back to Mike and Sulley's school days and details how they went from being enemies to great friends.

The whole family will appreciate the humour and great characterisations that Pixar always manages to nail, movie after movie.

ITVRugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing and host nation England face their first truly stern test in the shape of a Wales side high on confidence after their mauling of Uruguay.

The live show starts on ITV at 7.15pm Saturday, 26 September with build up before the kick off at 8pm. It promises to be the best match played so far, so even if you miss the livestream on ITV Player, you'll soon be able to catch-up with the full match on the free platform too. 

Channel 5CBB_Summer2015_Eye

This year's Celebrity Big Brother has now ended and the controversial series ended with a popular choice getting the honour of being the winning housemate.

Who is it? Well, you'll just have to catch up with the final show on Demand 5 if you haven't already seen it.

Sky ArtsBrilliant Man

Made as part of Sky Arts physical comedy season, Brilliantman! is a silent 30 minute comedy starring Kevin Eldon (Penfold in the new Danger Mouse) as a wannabe superhero who is sadly just not that good at fighting crime.

Johnny Vegas also stars as Ian Hedge/Brilliantman's grumpy landlady in the one-off show that harks back to comedies gone by. Note, you will need a NOW TV Entertainment Pass to watch it.

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