The names of the next Nexus smartphones may have leaked. There is rumoured to be an LG handset and a Huawei variant.

According to sources of droid-life the LG made Nexus will be called the 5X. We've heard this from other sources so it seems likely. The Huawei model should be called the 6P according to this new source.

The Huawei Nexus is rumoured to be a larger 5.7-inch handset while the LG is rumoured to come in at a smaller 5.2-inch display size. So how the naming conventions aren't explained but since we've heard at least one of those names more than once it makes sense. Perhaps the 5X refers to the Nexus 5 model being upgraded and the 6P is the next generation of the Nexus 6.

As a caveat the guys at droid-life did point out naming could change between now and release date which is expected to be 29 September. A change seems unlikely as these are not code names since they were apparently "bullhead" and "angler". Since the launch is so close it seems likely that these names may indeed appear.

Other rumours for the phones including specs can be found in our feature on the Nexus 5 below.

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