You used to not be able to pack for a week away without cramming your suitcase full of travel adapters and chargers.

Now, there are all-in-one power solutions that make it easier to keep all of your devices charged anywhere in the world. One of our favorites? The FosPower International AC & USB Charger. Don't miss your chance to grab it while it's just $14.99 (£10) at Pocket-lint Deals.

This all-in-one solution from FosPower includes an AC plug for your computer or small appliances, along with two USB ports to power up your phone, e-reader, camera, and more.

Everything comes in a single piece, so you can charge up your gadgets fast…without hiring a search party to find all of the various tiny, loose adapter attachments that come with other international chargers. And it works almost anywhere you go - the FosPower has four built-in plug standards that will work in 150 different countries.

Power up without the hassle. Get the FosPower International AC & USB Charger for $14.99 (£10) at Pocket-lint Deals.