Whether you're writing your dissertation, penning your first novel, or working on a screenplay, chances are you've found yourself wishing there was an easy way to get organised (and reorganised) during the writing process.

Well, there is a way - and plenty of best-selling authors swear by it already. Change the way you write for the better with Scrivener 2 for Mac or PC for just $19.50 (£13) at Pocket-lint Deals.

Part word processor and part project management tool, Scrivener 2 is an amazing tool that lets you do things a Word document can’t. Like:

  • Storyboarding your project - and then rearranging it whenever you need
  • Loading research and notes in floating windows right by your writing for easy reference - so you don't have to search through dozens of open browser tabs mid-sentence
  • Automatically switching to screenwriting formatting
  • Making it easy to restore an older version of your project quickly and as a whole - edit away!

No wonder tons of professional writers count on it for easy organizing and seamless editing. Don't miss your chance to get Scrivener 2 now for $19.50 (£13) at Pocket-lint Deals.