One thing always drives us crazy when we travel - and it's not being stuck in the middle seat between the loud chewer and the snorer (okay, that too). Charging all of our devices always seems needlessly complicated, especially overseas, from finding the right chargers and adapters for our destination to having enough of them for all of our gadgets.

The Twist Plus+ World Charging Station is about to change all of that…for just $34.99 (£22) at Pocket-lint Deals

The unique design of this compact charger does away with the need to bring multiple chargers and adapters on a trip, with four USB ports and a MacBook power adapter that allow you to charge your laptop and four other devices - tablet, e-reader, you name it.

The universal AC power outlet is perfect for international jetsetting, and the Twist Plus+ will work in over 150 countries. And it's tiny and lightweight, so it won't tip the scales when it comes to weighing your luggage. 

Now you just have to worry about how you'll survive the middle seat. Get the Twist Plus+ World Charging Station for $34.99 (£22) at Pocket-lint Deals.