Apple will be hosting its "Hey Siri" media event today from 6pm BST, 10am PST and it is widely expected that at least one announcement will be a refresh for its iPhone line-up. The much-rumoured iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smartphones are very likely to make their debut during the briefing.

However, that doesn't excuse one eager beaver from starting to queue for a prospective device already. In previous years, iPhones haven't gone on sale until an average of 10 days after they were announced, although there are often people queuing before the opening of Apple Stores worldwide. Being the first to buy one is an honour some Apple fans clamour.

Clearly one Australian is keen to be the very first, having pitched his or her tent already. The phones will no doubt go on sale in the western hemisphere first, thanks to time zones, so by queuing from today, it could be that they are the first in the entire world to get their hands on one.

It doesn't make it more excusable though.

The tent was spotted by CNET Australia's editor Seamus Byrne, as he passed an Apple Store in Sydney. He then posted a picture of his discovery on Twitter along with an exasperated tweet. "Oh my. Peak Apple," he wrote. "Someone is queuing in Sydney before THEY HAVE EVEN ANNOUNCED ANYTHING!!!"

But of course, it's Apple day so we should really be expecting all manner of shenanigans really.