If convincing leaks are anything to go by, Google is to unveil its new Nexus smartphone or phones soon. There have been several leaked images hitting the internet of late and a latest, in the form of a press image, shows a tasty looking phone with a strangely bulbous camera unit.

Android Pit has followed-up a posting of a previously leaked image of the rear of the alleged new Nexus 5 (which it also claims could be called Nexus 5X) with a side-on view. And one thing is clear, although the phone is slimmer than the previous model, it still requires a raised area to house the camera.

The power and volume buttons are now to be found on the same side of the phone. Once again, what is believed to be a new fingerprint sensor is clearly shown on the rear.

Android PitAndroidPIT-Nexus-5-2015-side-view-hero

The Nexus 5 (or Nexus 5X) is very much believed to be made by LG, and it seems to retain many of the characteristics of that manufacturer's former model. Android Pit also believes that it will come in white, black and blue, as before.

The image leaked today and the one previously are both purportedly hands-on shots of a real device, not press images, that Android Pit has Photoshopped to remove a background that could revealed the identity of its source.

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It is believed we'll see the new phone or phones launch in three weeks time from now - potentially on 29 September.

Android PitAndroidPIT-Nexus-5-2015-final-w782