Why should you shell out for tech and gadget insurance? After all, you might be thinking, providing I’m super-careful and always keep a watchful eye on the hundreds of pounds’ worth of phone, tablet, laptop, headphones and/or games consoles and other expensive gadgetry in my bag, there’s no need to pay out more money to cover any breakages, losses or thefts. Is there?

We think that there is a little more to think about in this cost-benefit decision, which is why we’ve broken it down into the following seven benefits of investing in insurance for your tech and gadgets.

Most people have the odd worry. Insurance takes the main ones and boxes them up so they worry you less. You know your luck will still be good and bad, but you also know it probably won't be as stressful just living your life. Peace of mind is a thing, you know. 

We all have a bit of cash saved up, and insurance may seem like a loss, but think of it more as a bet on your potential downsides. It's often better to know that price tariff and budget for it, than be forced to use your savings for something out of the blue.

Believe it or not, millions of claims get paid a year. And with social media all the rage, consider your insurance social risk. You're helping each other, with an insurer quarter-backing things.

If you're a clever type, you should think about your insurance over time. It actually offers you great insight. What you paid now versus what you've claimed or might need to. 

Whilst "it won't happen to you" you wouldn't believe some of the ways people get in pickles. Insurers may be a little secretive, paranoid and geekish with risk and numbers, but they often know more than any one punter can. Their knowledge makes for a support structure - if the price for risk works for you, there's experience to support you.

In these days of comparison, people have forgotten that sticking with a brand can be super-beneficial. Insurance needs to smooth your risk over time. That way, the insurer can make a reasonable profit and you get to the sweet spot between how much you need insurance and how much you pay. Having insurance can open up more benefits - especially if you ask and have a favourite brand. 

Without insurance, entrepreneurs couldn’t make new amazing products and society would have to wholly fund all those exciting risks it has to take for progress to happen.

From spaceships to 3D printers, insurance is the glue that binds. It's a backboard to civilisation. Sure, it's not “sexy”, but then, neither is air, is it? Deep breaths will always be needed when paying your premium. No one said being an adult was easy. Sometimes we have to think and plan a little. 

The good news is, though, insurance will get modern and learn to use the amazing tools of the digital age. Without risk, there would be no reward.