Barring a miracle and thousands of industry experts being wrong, Apple will unveil at least two new phones at its September special media event on Wednesday, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. And it has long been thought that one of the new features both will adopt is a form of the Force Touch technology that is currently found on its MacBook tracker pads and the touchscreen of the Apple Watch.

Like the Watch, it is widely thought that Force Touch will be utilised on the screen of the new handsets, although fresh rumours suggest that the version of the technology this time around will be more advanced.

It is claimed that the pressure-sensitive screen found on both devices will be designated a "3D Touch Display".

That is because there will be three levels of pressure available for different functions. A tap, a press and a deeper press will bring about different actions within iOS 9 and apps.

New shortcut gestures will be available to you from the off, although developers will no doubt have to catch up over time - as long as Apple has released the API for integration.

Apple website 9to5Mac also suggests that the much rumoured iPad Pro tablet will adopt a 3D Touch Display too, which will work with a stylus. And that the screens of all devices could also come with taptic feedback to provide some form of physical response to user interaction.

We'll find out for sure from 6pm BST on Wednesday 9 September. Join Pocket-lint as we bring you all the news and hands-ons live from San Francisco.