Another September, another onslaught of Apple goodies.

Apple has held a September event for the last five years in order to announce its latest iPhones and other new products. And it's doing the same thing this year. Apple has an event set for 9 September in San Francisco, where we're expecting the company to not only unveil the iPhone 6S and iPhones 6S Plus but also an updated Apple TV and more.

Here's everything we know about the event so far - including all the latest rumours and leaks about what the Cupertino-based company might have in store for us.

Apple's event will kick off at 1 pm EST. You will be able to keep up with the news as it happens via, which goes without saying, so join us on 9 September to find out exactly how many new phones Apple has introduced this year and what we think of them after our initial hands-on.

Yes. You can watch the live stream from here:

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus


The event's main focus will likely be on the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, which is what most people think the new iPhones will be called. If that's true, they will be considered "S" upgrades and should maintain the same design of the current iPhones but with some minor tweaks (leaked prototypes have indicated they'll be thicker).

Apple's iPhones with "S" upgrades usually debut with big, new features. This year's pair of phones are expected to come with a variation of Force Touch, which debuted on Apple Watch, allowing the phone's display to detect how hard you're pressing and thus opening up entirely new ways to navigate through iOS using gestures alone.

The phones will also include a new, faster A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera (rather than the current 8-megapixel camera), the ability to shoot 4K video, and 5-megapixel front camera with a flash for selfies. It also sounds like they'll get Touch ID improvements and might even be offered in a new rose gold colour.

Apple TV

It's been more than 900 days since the last Apple TV was updated. And word on the street is the new one will be totally overhauled. It's suppose to get an app store, for instance. Apple reportedly wants to let developers create Apple TV apps, games, video services, and other content you'll be able to access straight from the set-top box.

With a new app store available, Apple will more than likely change up the Apple TV interface so that it's no longer a grid of rectangles. The Apple TV is also expected to include universal search and support for Siri. You'll be able to speak the name of a film or actor, for instance, and Siri will show related results pulled from all your apps.

Apple TV might also get a new remote to improve navigation. It'll have a mic, so that Siri can hear you, and maybe even a swipeable touchpad. The remote is supposed to have built-in motion sensitivity as well, allowing it to double as a game controller. It'll also match the look of the box, which might be black and smaller than the old Apple TV.

Other features include the A8 processor (currently in the iPhone 6) and either 8GB or 16GB of storage. It's also been widely reported that Apple eventually wants to offer its own streaming TV service with original programming, but all that has been delayed due to failed negotiations. Oh, and Apple TV won't support 4K video this time around.

Pricing is reported to start at $149.

iPad Pro


We've all heard that Apple is working on a larger iPad, thought to be called iPad Pro. It might show up at this event or maybe even another one in October. All we know is what the rumour mill has been claiming...

The iPad Pro is expected to include a 12.9-inch display that's as sharp as the iPad Air's display. It'll also have an A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, and maybe even ports or a wireless system like NFC. Apple might also sell a stylus with the iPad Pro - with the idea that this tablet will be all about productivity, replacing Macs in some situations.

There's even been reports about Apple working on a wireless keyboard accessory for the iPad (that won't be included). Also, if the new iPhones get a variation of Force Touch, it's possible the iPad Pro will launch with it too. All these inputs and features will help you to better navigate on the larger iPad.

And finally, the iPad Pro is rumoured to get some distinct iOS features involving multitasking. It could have a feature that'll let you use more than two apps simultaneously, for instance.

iOS 9

AppleScreen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.16.08 PM

Developers have been testing iOS 9 and its biggest features for months. Also, while kicking off its main keynote at WWDC 2015 last June, Apple focused on changes to its iOS apps and introduced new software tricks for iPhones and iPads, but we still need to know when iOS 9 is coming out.

All major versions of iOS ship with the latest iPhone, so we expect Apple to announce a release date for iOS 9 during the event. The software will likely roll out in mid-September - days before the next iPhone should go on sale.

WatchOS 2

AppleApple watchos 2

At WWDC 2015, Apple previewed updates for all of its major operating systems - watchOS included. So, yes, watchOS 2 will roll out to the public this autumn. Since watchOS is linked to iOS, we should see a gold master for developers released alongside iOS 9's. General availability will follow a week later.

The software is thought to include the clock face options shown off at the original Apple Watch event (Timelapse, Photo, and Photo Album). Another new features coming includes a new Nightstand mode, which, when you charge your watch on its side, auto-rotates your display to show your information horizontally.

Also, with watchOS 2, app extensions will go from existing partially on your iPhone to completely on your Apple Watch. Apps will still communicate with your iPhone to pull up data but will be faster and more functional.

Apple Watch bands

iFixitScreen Shot 2015-09-04 at 4.09.19 PM

Apple probably won't update Apple Watch until next spring, but there's rumblings about new colour options for the Apple Watch's sport bands. We've also heard that Apple is working on smart bands that plug into the Apple Watch's hidden data port. They'll add blood oxygen, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and body temperature sensors.

Apple likely won't launch its first smart bands until early 2016, though.


Pretty much. Apple is rumoured to unveil a new iMac, but that won't debut until October. It'll reportedly be announced alongside OS X El Capitan at an October event and should begin shipping by November. The machine is thought to feature a 4K display with a 4096x2304-pixel resolution (the current 21.5-inch model has a 1080p display).

Some reports have also claimed the iPad Mini is due to receive an upgrade, meaning we'll get an iPad Mini 4, but nothing has been confirmed, obviously, so we'll just have to wait until we know for sure.

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