The amazing first generation Lytro camera allows the photographer to alter the focal point of an image after the shot - and at just $79.99 (£53), a savings of 59 per cent, it's cutting-edge technology you can't afford to miss.

Get it now at Pocket-lint Deals. Unlike a regular camera that captures the position of light rays and spitting back a static 2D image, the Lytro records the direction of 11 million light rays in each scene, producing photos you can later refocus, change perspective within, or see in 3D. Can an Instagram filter do that? Absolutely not.

Not only does it take amazing photos, but the Lytro can store up to 750 of them as well. And with a design that's durable yet compact and lightweight, it's the perfect option for capturing truly unique shots on your next vacation.

The Lytro package includes the camera, a Micro USB cable, a lens cap, a wrist strap, a cleaner cloth, and a camera sleeve so it can go wherever you do.

Put down the smartphone camera and change the way you take photos. Get the first generation Lytro camera at for 59 per cent off at Pocket-lint Deals.