DJI has shown off its latest Phantom 3 Standard drone at IFA 2015 in Berlin.

The new quadcopter is supposed to offer many of the professional smarts of its Advanced and Professional siblings in the range, but without the cost.

The £650 drone comes with a 2.7k quality video camera mounted on a gimbal for high-quality footage, that should be without shake.

DJI has also announced a host of handy features that should make getting the best videos much easier. These are being rolled out from Monday 7 September to the entire Phantom 3 range.

The five features give plenty of extras.

This was widely requested by users. This sets the user's smartphone as beacon and follows it with set altitude and distance. Ideal for snowboarding footage for example.

Orientation can be a problem, but when using Course Lock front is front, back is back and so on. This should make flying easier especially for beginners, says DJI.

By setting waypoints the Phantom will fly the path you've set with a specified speed. Then as it's flying this route the camera can be controlled allowing for varying angles as the route is being flown. These paths can be saved to use them for multiple takes for improved shots and angles.

By pulling down on the right stick with Home Lock on the drone will automatically fly back to the home spot. This should mean getting the drone to return requires little to no thought or effort.

Flying around an object and keeping it in frame can be difficult. Point of Interest makes the Phantom fly around the object allowing the users to get shots and control the altitude to avoid any obstacles.

Check out the photo gallery above to see the DJI Phantom 3 Standard in all its glory.

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