It's been over 900 days since Apple updated Apple TV, but many reports have indicated we might finally see a completely-refreshed box unveiled during the company's event next month. And it could have a Wii-like remote.

The rumour mill has already claimed the next-generation Apple TV will come with an all-new remote equipped with a touchpad and microphone, and if that wasn't enough, TechCrunch has reported the remote will also include sensors that allows it to be motion-sensitive. It'll be able to detect motion and track as it moves in multiple detections.

It actually sounds a lot like the motion-sensitive remote that comes with Nintendo's Wii console, though that uses an IR sensor and it's not clear if Apple's upcoming Apple TV remote would rely on similar technology. All that said, if we read between the lines, it sounds like the Apple TV is poised to take on gaming and living room consoles.

Apple has long been rumoured to launch a full-fledged app store for the Apple TV - and speculation related to that has suggested the company would also want games to added one day. But in order for the Apple TV to be used for gaming, it would need more power. Luckily, the next Apple TV is expected to get the latest A8 processor.

TechCrunch has suggested that an A8-powered Apple TV would run more efficiently than the iPhone 6, especially since it won't have to conserve battery like a phone. Apple has also supposedly overhauled the Apple TV interface to go along with the new remote, and both combined should make it easier to navigate through libraries.

Oh, and if you're expecting the next Apple TV to come with a subscription TV service, you shouldn't due to failed negotiations. Apple has been having trouble with content providers, but it supposedly wants to go on ahead and release a new set-top box as a means of pressuring/encouraging them to finally lock down deals.

We should know more on 9 September, but until then, check out Pocket-lint's Apple TV rumour round-up for all the latest news about Apple's next box. We also have a round-up on the subscription TV service here.