Renowned Chinese tech site Wei Feng has posted an image that purportedly shows the packaging for an iPhone 6S Plus, which if genuine confirms the existence of the larger refreshed handset.

Apple will hold its special press event on 9 September in San Francisco and is expected to unveil at least one new phone. It has long been rumoured that the iPhone 6S will be joined by an iPhone 6S Plus, however, and the packaging suggests that to be the case.

It could be hokum, of course - it's not exactly difficult to Photoshop and print out a faked box, after all. But the inclusion of the goldfish on the screen in the image lends the pic a sense of mystique.

Surely a faker would use a generic icons-based homescreen instead?

We might be clutching at straws, but we'd like to believe it really is a leaked box template rather than a mock-up. It certainly fits with general Apple design.

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Wei Feng also claims that the iPhone 6S Plus will have a smaller battery than the one found in the current 6 Plus. It states that the new model will have a 2,750mAh battery rather than the 2,910mAh version currently used.

Whether than means shorter battery life though is debatable as there may be better power management at work.

We shall see on 9 September. It's not too long to wait now.

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