Apple will hold its next major press event tomorrow, 9 September and speculation has reached fever pitch on what will be revealed.

There will almost certainly be the expected iPhone 6S and likely an iPhone 6S Plus too. However, the invite also suggests that a third phone might launch: the iPhone 6C.

Most have picked up the more obvious, literal fact that its strapline of "hey Siri, give us a hint" alludes to the voice assistant on iOS devices but we've been thinking a little more laterally about it too.

"Hint" can also refer to shades of colour, and if you look at the colours used in the invite itself, most of them are identical to the options offered in the iPhone 5C family.

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We might be thinking a little too out of the box of course, but we wouldn't be surprised if Tim Cook pulled a range of differently-coloured iPhone 6C handsets out of the bag too. And there's good money on a new game-centric Apple TV being announced as well.

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Regardless, you'll be able to find out yourself from 10am PDT (6pm BST) on Wednesday. And what's more, Windows users will be able to view the livestream of the event for the first time too.

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When Apple provides a livestream of an event (it doesn't on some occasions, but always on the major announcements) it traditionally only does so for iOS, Mac OS and Apple TV. And while they will all have access again, through Safari on iOS and OS X and Apple TVs with the dedicated app, Windows 10 users will also be able to view the shenanigans through the Edge browser.

You will be able to watch the action unfold on

You will also be able to keep up with the news as it happens on, that goes without saying. So join us back here tomorrow to find out exactly how many phones Apple is introducing this year and what we think of them after our initial hands-on.