A video has appeared online that is claimed to be made up of manufactured parts of the iPhone 6S. And what's more, it boots up.

The new parts, which are suggested to be part of the final phone launched next month, are said to be the logic board and display. The rest has been built from an existing iPhone 6 in order to finish the product to a form factor that should be close to the final device.

The customised phone boots to a gear icon, but no further in the video.

According to the source, who leaked the video and several photos to MacRumors, the A9 processing chip is present but unmarked in the clip and supporting images. The screen is also seemingly glued to the display rather than screwed in, which suggests that Force Touch could be present on this year's model.

Previous leaks have also claimed that the logic board contains Qualcomm's MDM9635M LTE modem for faster LTE and better power efficiency. There will also be the WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip, it is said, which will improve cellular network performance.

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Apple is yet to reveal the date for its special press event where it is expected to unveil the new handset, but current speculation suggests it will be held in San Francisco on 9 September.

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