Nothing messes up a vacation like realizing your big bag of international chargers doesn’t include the right adapter. After all, those humblebrag pictures aren’t going to Instagram themselves.

Luckily, the Twist World Charging Station is here to save the day. Get it for $34.99 (£23) at Pocket-lint DealsThe Twist World Charging Station makes charging your devices when you’re away from home as hassle-free as it gets.

It’s four chargers in one, with a twist design that makes all four USB ports easily accessible at the same time. And the universal AC power outlet is specifically designed for international travel, compatible with outlets in over 150 countries. Plus, your devices will stay protected as they power up, thanks to the built-in fuse protection.

Charge any USB-compatible phone or tablet with the Twist. Toss the lightweight, compact Twist World Charging Station into your carry-on and never get stuck with a dead device while you’re away from home again.

Get it for $34.99 (£23), a savings of 27 percent, at Pocket-lint Deals.